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Metal sheet dies and punching

We manufacture shearing and forming dies (follow, stationary, blanking and light drawing dies ) to make finished parts from iron, steel, stainless steel, titanium and aluminium sheets.

Above mentioned dies are used in our press dept. to product medium-large sets of goods.

The punching and forming, through the adoption of our tooling and dies, takes place in the renewed press dept. with machines from 10 up to 315 tonns of the latest new double crank press, and is supported by CNC Hydraulic bending machine.

Our product’s range includes stainless steel, hardened steel, galvanized steel, aluminium and titanium, with thickness from 0.3 mm (max width 400 mm ) up to 8 mm ( max width 120 mm).

Our customers belong to several fields, among them railway industry, automotive, electronic componentry, mechanical equipment.